Bespoke FmK Low Energy Home With 98/100 EPC Rating

Here we have a customised ht3 design which is a chalet with an added front porch & sunroom
Eco home designs in northern ireland by northern ireland architecture practice in Ballymena we pride ourselevs in high epc ratings with our current new build having a rating of 98/100 A rating!
A Low Energy Design: A Home for the Future!
We're bursting with pride to announce that our latest project has achieved an incredible EPC rating of 98/100! That's practically net zero! This stunning low-energy build isn't just beautiful, it's a beacon of sustainability and smart living for Northern Ireland.
Future-proof and Sustainable: With FmK’s Low Energy design, with airtight construction, renewable energy sources, and advanced heating systems that keep you cozy without breaking the bank.
High Performance, Low Energy: Forget drafty winters and sky-high bills! This home is designed for ultimate efficiency. From its clever layout to its innovative insulation, every detail minimises energy use, ensuring year-round comfort and environmental responsibility.
Low Energy Bills, Happy Days! Say goodbye to bill shock! This home's incredible EPC rating translates to dramatic energy savings, putting more money back in your pocket for the things you love. Enjoy a warm, welcoming space without ever feeling guilty about your carbon footprint.
The FmK Touch: ✨ All this magic was brought to life by the amazing team at FmK Architecture. Their passion for sustainable design and meticulous attention to detail have crafted a home that's not just energy-efficient, but a joy to live in.
Comfort All Year Round: Whether it's a scorching summer or a frosty winter, this home has you covered. Its intelligent low energy FmK design and advanced systems adapt to the changing seasons, ensuring your family enjoys a consistently comfortable, healthy living environment.
Ready to join the low-energy revolution? Let FmK Architecture guide you! We are experts in designing sustainable homes that are kind to your wallet and the planet. Contact us today and start building your dream home for the future!

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