We Got an Outstanding Air Test Result of 0.58- Lower Than Passive House Level

With this house nearing completion, the final air test was done with an outstanding result of 0.58 air changes per hour!
This is below the passive house level of 0.6 which is fantastic for a masonary built building.
Most new builds achieve an hourly air change rate of between 2-3. This means this house is 6 times better in terms of air leakage!!
With fuel costs so high, reducing this 'air leakage' can save you a considerable amount of money. 
This result has been achieved by the excellent work of our builders & FmK’s advanced air tightness detailing.

All products used within this build were supplied by @ECOHomes Store
Product list-

Conizo SL 60 – Air tight tape for windows and doors

Conizo 60 – General purpose air tight tape

Vara Seal 60 – Plasterable air tight tape

Izoperm Plus – Air tight ceiling membrane

Almavert – Window & Door threshold to eliminate thermal bridging

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Here at FmK Architecture ECOHome in Northern Ireland we pride ourseleves in low energy sustainable home designs. Low Energy building solutions ensures our clients not only have lower energy bills but also have a fantastic confortable home all year round.
Our Bespoke designs also ensure an A rated EPC!! whcih is just great for us and our clients.
We cover many designs, our Pre-desinged fully built on site ECOHomes, Large bespoke Low Energy Designs, ECO-Upgrades and more..
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This is a low energy home using materials from ECOHomes Store to achieve this

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